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About Intec

Intec Printing Solutions Limited was established in 1989 and is wholly owned by managing director, Ian Melville. The company was originally founded to provide a distribution channel for manufacturers’ branded products to the pre-press and graphics industry via an authorised reseller network throughout the UK and Ireland.

Intec Printing Solutions Limited now manufactures the Intec range of printing solutions, which it distributes via its network global partners in over 90 different countries.

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Intec Printing Solutions Limited is a manufacturer of innovative cutting edge digital colour printing and finishing technology.

Offering customers unique and creative solutions for direct mail envelope printing, finished labels, packaging and personalised print on heavy media enabling our customers to grow their profitability through productivity.
Intec is well positioned to offer its uniquely featured Intec printers to anyone requiring 'beyond the ordinary' print with its International headquarters in Poole, (UK), servicing the EMEA regions, USA headquarters in Tampa, Florida to support the Americas and new offices in Canberra, Australia and with authorised partners worldwide. Intec printers are versatile and reliable systems and with every market leading Intec printer sold offer a range of unique benefits for marketers, designers, in-plants, quick print shops, specialist wedding stationers, commercial printers and anyone that requires that little bit of something different from their on demand digital colour printer.
Additionally, Intec Printing Solutions Limited is the exclusive distributor of the Glunz & Jensen range of PlateWriters in the UK and Ireland.


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Making a difference:

Every consumable purchased for your Intec printer will generate a donation to charity.
At Intec Printing Solutions Limited we believe that we make a better world for everyone when we offer the gift of hope to those far less fortunate than ourselves. That is why we are proud to have supported an orphanage in southern Asia for several years. Every Intec consumable purchased generates a donation towards this excellent charity, which Intec supports by visiting in the field and ensuring that all proceeds actually go to those who really need the help. 
Since 2015 Intec has helped 'International Needs' build a maternity hospital at Burkina Faso, to help care for expectant mums and to improve the appalling infant and maternal mortality rate.
Other projects supported in southern Asia over the last couple of years included the building of a church and community centre. These cater for up to 500 people and provide support and education to the rural poor in the tea growing highlands. Also a school has been built providing education to more than 50 children that would not otherwise receive an education.
Additionally, Intec supports a number of charitable organisations around the world.
Thank you for your partnership with us to make the world a better place.

Great news from International Needs - The maternity unit is now completed!

March 2017 update: The maternity unit reaches completion! Doors opened on Saturday 18th February to care for mothers and their babies…iN maternity Report 2017 cover 300px
March 2016 update: The maternity unit building progresses - and an 'International Needs' task force visits Burkina Faso to give practical help.
May 2015 update: Contributions made through customer's consumable purchases and Intec's own giving, are ALREADY making a difference! 

INTEC has helped build a new dedicated maternity ward
In 2007 building work began on the medical centre, the land was given by the town mayor to I.N. for this specific use. The whole area has grown in size and covers 2 districts of Bobo Dialassou, Colma 1 and Colma 2.
It was in 2012 when the consultation building and the pharmacy/laboratory building were completed. Revenue from consultations, pharmaceuticals and maternity care have increased steadily over 2014 peaking in the month of October at the height of the Malaria season. In 2014 the clinic served 9,483 people and delivered 308 babies safely, but the capacity for births can be trebled.

The addition of a dedicated maternity ward will help to greatly increase the number of expectant mothers that can be provided for. This means that the medical centre will be far more able to meet the growing needs of the surrounding villages.
Not only would the potential capacity be increased, but it will also increase the number of lives we can save. With the addition of a dedicated ward - with all the necessary equipment - we are now able to challenge the currently unfavourable statistics. 






  New born in new unit March 2017 web
Burkina Faso plans

About Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa where the second class treatment of women and severe poverty combine to prevent access to medical treatment.

Until now, figures for maternal mortality in Burkina show that 560 women die in every 100,000 births; the figures are much, much higher in rural areas where there is virtually no access to clean hospitals.

Many treatments are subsidised by the government; however in some places in Burkina, corruption means patients are not told about this and are asked to pay the full amount. Other significant issues include distances to hospitals, and lack of understanding about medical conditions and implications.

International Needs has now built a medical centre which aims to become self-sufficient, whilst making sure the poor are not restricted from treatment.


Why we provide medical care

In this part of the world every 2 minutes a woman dies giving birth. 99% of deaths during or after pregnancy occur in the developing world, showing that with good medical care, most deaths are preventable.
Both infant mortality and Malaria are huge problems in Burkina Faso. The overall goal for International Needs Burkina Faso is to serve the community and improve overall healthcare for the poor and vulnerable, especially focusing on responsive Malaria treatment and maternal care.





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