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  The New Intec ColorSplash



Quality digital printing has become even more affordable with the NEW CS3000…

Intec takes pleasure in introducing the NEW CS3000 printer which will be launched in January 2017.

We understand there is a need for a more cost effective option for those customers with lower volume print requirements, with this in mind we are introducing the CS3000 as the new entry level print solution from Intec. The positioning of the CS3000 is important to understand so please read the following carefully.

The CS3000 has exactly the same technical specification as the CS4000 but is more competitively priced. The CS3000 can only use the new 24K toners meaning that the print cost is a little more than the CS4000/5000. However, the CS3000 is aimed at low volume users, who need a high quality printer at a low price and allows you to compete with companies selling via web stores.

All Intec accessories, feeders and stands work with this engine. So if you want to add value to your engine you can still build a system to suit your requirements.

The CS3000 comes with 10K starter toners but all other consumables are high capacity.
All consumables, apart from toner, are the same as the CS4000/5000.
Toners for the CS3000 are 24K ONLY. CS4000/5000 toners will NOT WORK in the CS3000 however the CS3000 toners will work with the CS4000/5000 but we don’t expect customers to do this.

The CS3000 is available from the 3rd of January 2017





Intec ColorSplash digital colour printing system

The Intec ColorSplash digital print system produces razor sharp, vibrant images with smooth tonal sweeps. While most imaging devices employ technologies that are 1bpp, Intec’s ColorSplash range use the latest cutting edge LED imaging technology delivering an optical resolution of 1200 dpi, at 4 bits per pixel which, when coupled with Intec optimised screening (iOS4800) delivers up to 16 levels of grey per pixel achieving equivalent to 4800dpi. The CS4000 printer is available with the superb Intec printer cabinet or high capacity feeder unit as shown.

2 CS V2

Brochure slice CS4-5000









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