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Fiery RIP- XF for Intec RIP


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Click relevant link below to download driver required:

NEW - Fiery XF For Intec RIP 6.2

Windows Only - ISO - 1.5GB DOWNLOAD ARROW Glow
Macintosh Only - dmg - 1GB DOWNLOAD ARROW Glow
Hybrid Windows and Macintosh - ISO - 2.4GB DOWNLOAD ARROW Glow 


Fiery XF for Intec RIP 6.1 

Hybrid Fiery XF Intec 6.1 (MAC & WIN).iso
Mac OS Yosemite Unidriver 
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Remote Support


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Environmental sustainability

Intec is committed to environmental sustainability and is continually improving its printers to reduce their impact on the environment. We design with the environment in mind, engineer our packaging to reduce materials, and provide collection and recycling programs.

Our individual printer user guides define the options available but if you would like to learn more about our programs please contact Intec or the reseller that you purchased your printer from.

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'How to' guides


Product Subject learn-more file type

ColorCut Flatbed  
How to assemble the FB600 Flatbed cutter, stand and pump


ColorCut Sheetfed ColorCut CC500 file creation and how to use SmartMarks video-icon

CP3000 Booklet printing - Inserting a cover page

ColorSplash Envelope printing tips PDF-icon

XP2020 Installing Unsigned Drivers on Windows 8 to 10 PDF-icon

CP2020 and XP2020 Installing Unsigned Drivers for CP2020 and XP2020 on Windows 10  PDF-icon

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Technical training

Intec Technical Training Courses

Learn how to get the most out of your Intec product by attending our program of technical training courses. Hosted by our team of experienced and highly

skilled technical staff, our training programs will teach you all you need to know about our fantastic products and provide you with the knowledge to release

the full potential of your Intec printing solution.


UK training courses:

Digital printing systems training will last for one week and consist of three modules.

The label printing solutions course lasts for two days and consists of two modules.


Intec USA training courses run for three days starting on the first Tuesday of every month.

Intec Ausralia and France training courses are avaiable at our UK offices, dates by arrangement.


Download the Intec training information document:






International training courses for EMEA partners which are run at the Intec UK Headquarters

Digital Printing course dates for 2016
February April June July August September October November
22nd to 26th 11th to 15th 20th to 24th 18th to 22nd 15th to 19th 19th to 23rd 17th to 21st 21st to 25th




UK Digital Training Course Elements
Module 1 2 day course Monday and Tuesday CP3000 and CP3000 PRO
Module 2 1 day course Wednesday Fiery XF RIP and Workflow
Module 3 2 day course Thursday and Friday CS4000 and CS5000 printer models



Label Printing course dates for 2016
February April June July August September October November
29th and 1st March 18th and 19th 27th and 28th 25th and 26th 22nd and 23rd 26th and 27th 24th and 25th 28th and 29th


UK Label Training Course Elements
Module1 1 day course Monday Label printing
Module 2 1 day course Tuesday Label finishing and variable data


Americas Training courses for North and South American Partners which are run at the Tampa, Florida site.
Digital and Label course dates for 2016
February March April May June July August September October November December
2nd - 4th 1st - 3rd 5th - 7th 3rd to 5th 7th - 9th 5th - 7th 2nd - 4th 6th - 8th 4th - 6th 1st - 3rd 6th - 8th

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