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PlateWriter 2000

Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter 2000


The Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter 2000 is the industry’s first inkjet Computer-to-Plate system capable of producing press-ready aluminium plates without the use of chemical processing. The PlateWriter 2000 inkjet Computer-to-Plate system is an innovative technology that sets new standards in the cost, flexibility and speed of offset printing for small to medium format printing.


Key Benefits:


Affordability – Significantly lower investment than the cost of current, laser-based plate imaging systems


Ease-of-use – Operates in daylight conditions; no pressroom changes are required to plate clamping or press chemistries. Reduces plate production costs. The cost per plate is less than the cost of conventional metal platemaking methods


Environmentally friendly – No disposal of processing chemicals into the waste stream eliminating disposal costs


High quality output – FM or stochastic screening capable of emulating 175 conventional line screening


Flexibility – Any plate size in 2-up formats, wide range of thicknesses from 0.15 to 0.20 mm (0.006 to 0.008”)




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