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Intec Digital Envelope Feeder

The Intec digital envelope feeder is an affordable, professional envelope feeding solution for the ColorSplash range of digital printers. Print onto sandard white envelopes but when coupled wih the Intec CS5000 printer you can expand your digital envelope prin offering by printing white or clear toner on to coloured envelopes!

The continuous/uninterrupted top loading envelope hopper, which feeds the printer from the bottom of the stack ensures you can refill the envelopes as you continue to print, has been developed for the small commercial printers and inplant organisations in mind.

Feeding from the bottom enables you to refill the envelope stack from the top, as the envelope hopper becomes low making it ideal for uninterrupted colour and black and white digital print runs of one to thousands of envelopes!

This small footprint envelope feeder uses an innovative ‘floating’ delivery table which makes connecting your envelope feeder to the Intec ColorSplash printer as easy as simply rolling the feeder up to the printer’s multipurpose tray and clicking into position.

Setting new standards in ease of use and flexibility, the Envelope Feeder utilises self centering guides making the change between envelopes quick and simple.  In addition, the unique ‘buckle’ separation technology enables even challenging window envelopes to feed effortlessly.The key advantage of the Intec Compact Envelope Feeder is that it ensures continuous, uninterrupted envelope production and other medias.

Suitable for use with small and large envelopes up to C3+ and above!

 CSEPP2 2364

Features and benefits:

  • Self centering paper guides make for quick, easy setup
  • Handles a wide variety of envelopes and card stock with ease 
  • Unique buckle separator for window envelopes is simple and effective and doesn’t require “fine tuning” 
  • Variable speed assists in running different envelope sizes 
  • Innovative “floating” delivery table makes integration with printer easy 
  • NO mechanical or electrical interface.  Just roll feeder into position, and run   
  • Locating guides lock the feeder into the proper position with the printer for excellent print registration 

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